Copernicus Marine Service - Powering Business Solutions in the North West Shelf Seas

  Tuesday, 31 May 2016        10:00 - 18:00        Room: Yangtze I      Day I, User Workshop

  Wednesday, 1 June 2016        09:00 - 13:00        Room: Africa, Antartica, Asia, Europe I, Europe II      Day II, Training Workshop

Mercator Ocean

This is a CMEMS Regional User and Training Workshop.
The Workshop aims to be the place where users and prospective users build a Copernicus Community : share, experience and learn 1. About the Copernicus Program and the impact of the Sentinel and contributing missions 2. About impacts on the CMEMS catalogue and services tomorrow 3. By listening and challenging many case studies given by user 4. By gaining knowledge in training sessions 5. By expressing needs and requirements.

This Event is organised over two days, with the first day consisting of a User Workshop and the second a Training Workshop. For the Training Workshop, participants can select from the following topics:
  1. Training for Non-experienced Users: From Registration to Download training
  2. European North West Shelf Seas MFC (Model Products): Practical Exercises
  3. Wind, Ice and Temperature at Sea Surface / Observation Products: Practical Exercises
  4. In Situ / Observation Products: Practical Exercises
  5. Ocean Colour / Observation Products: Practical Exercises

Programme Overview