Copernicus: Creating value for our oceans

  Wednesday, 1 June 2016        14:00 - 18:00        Room: Yangtze I

EUMETSAT, Mercator Ocean

The space component of the EU Flagship Space Programme Copernicus is particularly crucial in 2016 for the Copernicus Marine Service's users and potential users. Launched in early 2016, Jason 3 and Sentinel 3 (launched in 2016) will bring major improvements relating to sea level, sea surface temperature and ocean color.

This session aims to clearly and simply explain and illustrate the benefits and value of the programme to high-level decision makers. It is co-organised by EUMETSAT (entrusted by the EU to exploit, in cooperation with ESA, two of the Copernicus Earth observation satellite missions dedicated to monitoring the ocean and to deliver data to Copernicus from the Jason-3 ocean altimetry satellite) and MERCATOR OCEAN (entrusted by the EU to implement and operate the Copernicus Marine Service).

The Event will feature:

Programme Overview