Smart Information Solutions for Water & Climate in the Urban Delta

  Tuesday, 31 May 2016        10:00 - 13:00        Room: Amazon

Netherlands Water Partnership

In the next decades, the majority of the worlds' population will live in an urban environment, that are mostly situated in coastal areas. For these urban deltas, good water is essential for their existence, but water also forms a threat. Urban deltas are susceptible to flooding and other water-related problems like droughts, salinity problems and bad water quality. Due to climate change, these problems will increase.

Geodata, derived from satellite data, which is converted to relevant information on climate, weather, water, soil and agriculture can help city planners, food producers and other stakeholders in urban deltas to cope with these new challenges.

'Smart Information Solutions for Water & Climate in the Urban Delta' will take participants on a journey through how smart information solutions are used to provide water managers, policy makers, companies, farmers (cooperatives) and other end-users with better insight into their water resources and helping them optimise their operational business processes, manage risks and reduce the potential impact.

The program session goes beyond presenting individual solutions to focus on an integrated approach where companies jointly work towards tailor-made solutions that answer the needs of end-users. Participants should expect an interactive agenda.

Welcome & introduction by Moderator
Raimond Hafkenscheid
Interdepartmental Water Cluster at Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
Presentation 'Urban delta' challenges
Raymond Feron
Program Director Digitale Delta, Rijkswaterstaat
Round table discussion Smart Information Solution providers
Raimond Hafkenscheid
Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (Moderator)
Raymond Feron
(Table guest and knowledge gap identifier)
Round 1: Value adders
Niels Wielaard
Expert nature/water satellite monitoring solutions
(Dutch regional water authority)
Q&A with audience
Round 2: System integrators
Nelen & Schuurmans
Fons Nelen
Managing Director
Bas Boterman
Accountmanager HydroNET
Q&A with audience
Round 3: Application developers
Jaap Schellekens
project leader EartH2Observe
Q&A with audience
Summary of outcomes
Raimond Hafkenscheid
Interdepartmental Water cluster at Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
Meet and Greet (Posters and drinks)
Audience, Clients and Smart Information Solutions providers
Programme Overview