The European Space Expo visits the netherlands!

The European Space Expo will visit The Netherlands from 27 May to 5 June 2016. It will be installed in Het Plein in The Hague old city Centre. Over 900,000 European citizens from across Europe have already visited the European Space Expo. The free exhibition highlights the many ways in which the EU space Programme helps EU citizens 'on the ground' every day.
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The Expo presents interactive information on the European space programs - from satellite navigation (Galileo and EGNOS) to Earth observation (Copernicus) in an engaging and entertaining way. Highlights include the 'OmniGlobe' - an interactive hologram of the Earth's atmosphere, an impressive model of the 'Galileo' satellite launches and much more...
The aim of the Expo is to show citizens how European space policy and space-based technologies benefit our everyday lives, supporting the European economy and job creation.

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The European Space Expo has already visited the following cities: Copenhagen, Toulouse, Helsinki, Brussels, Vienna, Larnaca (Cyprus), London, Madrid, Budapest, Hannover, Warsaw, Bratislava, Dublin, Rome, Vilnius, Tallinn, Munich, Lisbon , Craiova (Romania), Sofia, Prague, Genoa, Ljubljana, Athens, Stockholm, Zagreb, Oslo, Milan, and Luxembourg.