Space Solutions for Biking: Empowering Smart 2-Wheels!

  Tuesday, 31 May 2016        18:00 - 20:00        European Space Expo, The Hague, Het Plein

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This event will highlight innovative applications powered by satellite navigation (EGNOS and Galileo) and Earth observation (Copernicus) technologies that enhance the experience, increase the accessibility and safety of biking, and connect bikes to the Internet of Things.

The event will showcase innovative solutions for Smart Bike sharing, Smart Bike riding, Smart motorbike riders and Smart IoT for bikes.

Evening Programme

18:00: Doors open: tour of application stands, demonstrations
18:30: Official Welcome
Visits/demos at application stands continue & Cocktail Reception

Space Solutions for Biking features

Smart Bike Sharing

BikePredict: a mobile application that makes self-service bike riding easy by giving information on the number of available bikes and docks in real time and in the near future.

Smart Bike Riding

Bike Citizens: designed by bike couriers to cater for the needs of cyclists in cities. The bike app favours cycle paths and side streets and avoids busy main streets. Get the best routing across the city to make cycling even more comfortable and fun - discover the city from a new perspective!

Smart Motorbike Riders

REALRIDER®, the motorcycle app that keeps riders safe and connected. Ride with complete peace of mind when you activate REALsafe®, REALRIDER's 999 certified, built-in lifesaving crash detection technology linked to the emergency services.

Smart IoT for bikes

SatsafeBike™ rear facing camera innovation combined with embedded telematics devices reports impact incidents from the rear automatically. The embedded telematics solution communicates over GSM/GPRS, while the accelerometer notifies if the cyclist is involved in a collision. It automatically sends the exact location of the device if it records an impact force of more than 2Gs, potentially saving lives.