Space and Security

  Thursday, 2 June 2016        09:00 - 13:00        Room: World Forum Theatre

EC, Dutch Security Delta

This session, which is part of the Security Research Event 2016 (SRE '16) at the "Security Innovation Expo", taking place between 1 and 2 June 2016 at the World Forum, is also a side-event at the European Space Solutions Conference.

SRE'16 provides an opportunity to discuss the major issues relating to the Security Research and Security Industrial Policy. Participants will get an inside look at what space can do for practitioners in the fields of law enforcement, disaster management, border protection and search and rescue. One of the sessions will highlight opportunities for using space-based solutions for innovation in the security domain.

The purpose of this session is to raise awareness about the European Commission's many initiatives within this area and at their possible wider application. With this knowledge, the session looks to strengthen cooperation in the practitioners' community and contribute to the protection of the freedom and security of Europe and its citizens.

Programme Overview