Space for Food Security

  Thursday, 2 June 2016        14:00 - 18:00        Room: Yangtze I & II

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NSO, Waterwatch Cooperative

The side event "Space for Food Security" will challenge the participants during a journey across the global food security agenda. Presentations will be provided on food security, the associated stakeholder and their information needs, a picture of satellite technology and services up to and including business driven approaches (G4AW Facility) and implementations. A special focus will be provided on license to operate, role of aggregators, bridging the last mile and operational and scaling aspects of the services. The event will be closed with a panel discussion and discussion with the audience.

Who should attend?
The target audience of this session include (potential) end-users of smart information solutions, all organizations within the information chain that are working on developing information services and products, investors, ngo's, policy makers and everyone else who is interested in the services for food security.

14:00 Opening and objectives of the side event
Frenk van der Linden
The workshop will be opened by the moderator who will frame the objectives of the workshop and an explanation of the interaction with the public
14:05 Challenges and Opportunities in feeding 9 billion people
Vincent Everts
Vincent Everts will outline the challenges and the opportunities of feeding 9 billion people in 2050 and the need to for innovative solutions developed and operated by private public partnerships. Special Guest: André Kuipers
14:30 Big Data for Small
Emile Aarts
How can big data be applied in business models that make these data available to all farmers in the world.
14:50 Sustainable services for food security
Four services for food security will be presented which are being implemented in various regions in the world. Each services will be described from a business vision, the targeted market (clients) and added value for the customer ("the business model"). The four services are:
  1. Sustainable rice farming in Mekong Delta - Mark Woltman, Vinaned
  2. Agricultural Insurance Services in West Africa - Anaar Kara, PlanetGuarentee
  3. Crop Disease Prevention in India - Jeroen Plesman, Waterwatch Cooperative
  4. Irrigation Service in South Africa and Mozambique - Maurits Voogt, eLeaf
During each presentation a dilemma will be presented and the public is asked to vote pro or contra thesis.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:15 Scaling up: from research to financial sustainability
In this interactive section the public, presenters and a panel will reflect on the various paths that lead to financial sustainable service provision. The discussion will be fed by the presentations and the public reaction on the thesis. Panel:
  • Kaushik Ramakrishnan (UTZ) - Agribusiness / aggregator
  • André Knol (Innoleaps) - Innovation AgriFood
  • Jeroen Leffelaar (Rabobank) - Financial Services
  • Kees de Bie (ITC-UTwente) - Science
  • Fons Nelen (Nelen & Schuurmans)- Value adders / ICY
  • Marcel Beukeboom (MoFA) - Policy
  • Ruud Grim (NSO) - Policy implementation (G4AW)
17:00 Take away (& drinks) - Ad Bastiaansen Waterwatch Cooperative
Last speaker will reflect on the outcome of the workshop. You will not leave this workshop without a few important messages.
Programme Overview