NL Space Accelerator

  Wednesday, 1 June 2016        14:00 - 18:00        Room: Yangtze II


Global Challenges, Netherlands Space Solutions. The NL Space Accelerator is helping today's innovators to turn space technology into new solutions for global challenges. Due to its strict conditions and unique environment, space propels technology, services and applications literally to new heights. The development of nano-electronics, super-strong materials and structures, new ways to win and more efficient energy use; for spaceflight these are necessary conditions. Ultra-sensitive sensors, high volume data acquisition and processing provide vast opportunities of gathering information. And with all this knowledge, we also benefit on earth.

Through the NL Space Accelerator, selected companies will gain access to the range of creative expertise and resources Dutch space industry has to offer. To develop innovative new solutions in the non-space sectors.

The Netherlands are specialized in miniaturization, solar, optical and scientific instruments, data acquisition and processing, development of satellite based applications that make the difference in the future. Space technology and satellite data open up opportunities for new solutions for many other segments with business clients as well as governments as users. Therefore, bringing space to society is one of the spearheads of NSO, the Netherlands Space Office.

Whether an instrument aboard a satellite or a person on board the Space Station, the technology required for a safe environment, an earth-orbit or a rocket fuel-supply is simply a superlative of the problems we know on earth. And the growing amount of free available satellite data is an inexhaustible source of information for developers of services with a variety of applications.
Goal of the NL Space Accelerator is to identify and implement the best possible strategy and concepts for the external commercialization of innovative space technologies and satellite services that fall outside the common space industry.

During the European Space Solutions Conference we will have a special focus on the opportunities that EU's Copernicus and Galileo can offer.
The Accelerator program brings together a community of entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups, mentors and space technologists, all with a common goal: the ability to dream big and a vision for making impact on today's global challenges.

Program on ESS side-event on Wednesday June 1st (14:00 till 18:00): During the European Space Solutions Conference we offer you the opportunity to join us.

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