Tropomi on the Copernicus Sentinel 5 Precursor: The start of the Sentinel monitoring of the atmospheric composition for climate change, air quality and the ozone layer

  Wednesday, 1 June 2016        10:00 - 13:00        Room: Everest I&II


The aim of this session is to discuss the possibilities and opportunites that TROPOMI brings to end users and policymakers. The session will include presentations on the TROPOMI instrument and its data applications.

Who should attend?
This season is aimed at a wide audience, including end users, service providers, policy makers and scientists, who are interested in air quality, climate monitoring and ozone layer monitoring.

Chair: Pieternel Levelt, Head of the R&D Satellite Observations Department, KNMI
10:00 Opening
Ger Nieuwpoort
Director, NSO
10:05 TROPOMI on the Sentinel 5 Precursor: the first atmospheric composition Sentinel
Guido Levrini
Copernicus Space Segment Programme Manager, ESA
10:25 TROPOMI operational products for air quality, climate change and ozone monitoring applications
Pepijn Veefkind
TROPOMI Principal Investigator, KNMI
10:45 Break
11:20 The innovations of TROPOMI
Wencke van der Meulen
Senior Project Manager & Business Development Manager at Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands
11:40 Potential of satellite data for the monitoring of EU regulated air pollutants
Guus Velders
Senior Scientist RIVM
12:00 Validation needs and operational applications
Martine De Maziere
Director General BIRA-IASB
12:30 Question and answer
Programme Overview